Precision Electronic Gauging Solutions from Motionworks Robotics are perfect fit for Today's Manufacturing & Quality needs. Our Guaging Euipments are for 100% Online Measurement for Part dimensions & Charactestics with Accuracy of <1micron.

For Measurement of Dimensional & Geometric Inspection of Parts of different types Bench type or Machine type Solutions are Available. Measurements can be done online with Easy Calibration, Much accurate & Repeatable Measurement, automatic part temperature Compensation, Online Cpk & Data Recording. Integration to Part Barcode & Traceabilility is also possible. 

Following Measurements can be done on Parts:

Diameter-Internal & External, Length, Step Length, Thickness,

Ovalty, Circularity, Concentricity, Taper, Runout, TIR, Bore Taper,

Perpendicularity, Profile, Center Distances, Compensation Feedback to Machining Centers. 

Pin and crank bore internal diameters, Squareness of bores to faces, Twist, Bend.


100% Online Gauging in Single piece flow

100% online Gauging Insures 100% Certainty of not passing irregulaities to End customer. Deploy Manual part Load Unload or Fully Automated Inspection Process intergrated to Machining Centres on Machining Lines.


Static or Dynamic Measurement

Static Dimensional Measurement Involves doing part Inspections at rest. whereas Dynamic Meaurement method is complex for Part Inspection in Motion/Rotation, Inspection Data aquired during Dynamic Measurements will be the analysed automatically by our Measurement software.

Static Measurement takes less than 2 sec to Measure Whereas in dynamic it varies according to the requirement. All Static Measurement can be done concurrently.


High Accuracy & Repeatability

High Accuracy of <1micron & Repeatability of +/-0.3 Micron is realized in Production Environment. 


Easy to Calibrate

No Need of Highly Qualified Personnel to Operate & Calibrate. Auto Calibrate Feature Ensures Single Button Calibration.

Temperature Effect Correction
Significant Improvement in Measurement can be get by Calibrating Gauge Electronically every 2-hours.

Gauge Linearity Correction
Automatic Gauge Linearity Correction


Temperature Compensation Correction

On of the Best & Latest Feature of Precision Gauging from Motionworks Robotics Includes Temperature Variation compensation caused by Ambient Temp rise & Part own Temperature due to machining Heat or Furnace/Preheatment etc. Thus Maintain Relation of Part dimension to Actual Measurment at Standard Temperature Condition i,e 20 Degree C.


Online Data Recording

Measurement Result Recording in Realtime Ensures Elimination or manual Data Recording

Few Applications Done by Motionworks Robotics are:


Few Applications Done by Motionworks Robotics are: 



1. Shaft Measuring for OD & Step Length


2. Cylinder Block Bore, Ovalty, Taper, Perpendicularity & Face dimension Inspection.


3. Cylinder Head Bearing Bore & Ovalty Inspection.


4. Crank Shaft Runout, Grinding Dia, Bend, Twist, Pin hole Dia, Taper & Width Inspection.


5. Crank Case Bearing Bore Gauging Inspection.


6. Groove Profile Inspection.


7. Gears & Drive Shaft Inspection


8. Bearing & Stub Axle Inspection

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