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Dot Peen Marking is suitable for metal parts, Plastic parts and marking is done thru DOT PEEN MARKING Machine. Any part can be marked with Numeric, Characters, 2D Datamatrix or 2D QR code.
Dot Peen marking automation solutions from Motionworks Utilises all Major Brand of DOT Peen Markers, Customers can choose from-Highly automated SPM with automarking on OK Parts, A semi automated one or Bench top Dedicated Marking station or Fixture.


Following are Feature of Our efficient Marking Solutions:

Easy to use & Programmed, Ease of Trouble shooting : NO Need of PC, No Keyboard, External Power Supply therefore no change of Board Damage due to PS failure. Connectivity to almost all possible interfaces:User can be trained in less than 1-hour. Get started immediately.


Programming & operation is never so easier with 7” touch screen controller, Multi Lever User access with password, Serial & ethernet communication.

Use Vibro peen for faster marking or Dot peen marking for deeper marking in same machine.
Use Vibro peen for faster marking or Dot peen marking for deeper marking in same machine.

Perfectly suited for fit & forget type requirement where life of Marking peen & Cartrige is NIL.

High Quality Components gives low maintenance & downtime thus give totally peace of find.

Get connected with full fledge connectivity support, Serial, Ethernet, Digital I/O, Parallel port in single controller. Have direct communication with PLC’s , Leaktesting Machine or Traceability software. Well suited for Engine no or Frame Marking.

Interactive user interface for easy programming & Troubleshooting.

Best Support & High Return with Even Single Machine.


Few Application of DOT peen Marking Done by us:


Marking on Automotive Fuel Filters



Marking on Automotive Air Filters


Marking on 2-Wheeler Frame Sub Assembly
Marking on 2-Wheeler Frame Assembly
Marking on 2-Wheeler Front Fork
Marking on Sheet Metal Bracket

Marking of date code on aluminium Casting Assembly




Marking on Many Other parts Moulded, Diecast or Welded..

The ADP5090 is Mostly used marking head.  The compact cubic shape and refined design make this 
marking head applicable in wide variety of applications.  Can be integrated or hand held.
· 50x90mm marking area
· For deep and fast markings or vibrate for high quality and fast markings
· 6 different standard peen for dot  mode
· 2 different standard peen for vibro mode
· 1 electric peen
· Operates with either the AC500 or AC250 standard controllers.
  Model No.
  Work distance
  Marking field
 50 × 90 mm 
  120 × 160 mm 
  Marking Method
  Dot peen /Vibro Peen (Both)
  Guide laser / pointer
  Dot Density
  Marking Speed
  Maximum 5 mm/sec.
  Character settings
  1mm ~20mm
  2mm ~40mm
  Character height, width
   Configurable in 0.001 mm 0.0004 in steps
Configurable in 0.001 mm 0.0004 in steps
  Logo data
  Marking shape
  Straight Line, Arc, Propotional, Justify
  Character types
  English uppercase letters, English lowercase letters, numerals, katakana, hiragana, kanji (JIS No. 1 and 
  No. 2 standards), symbols, user-registered characters (up to 50)
  2D codes
  QR Code, Micro QR Code, Data Matrix, GS1 Data Matrix
  Input terminal, Output terminal, I/O connector
Serial port, USB connector A, I/O input and output, RS-232C, Ethernet, Input-output terminal, INTERLOCK*3, displacement sensor, laser gate I/O ( -S type only)
Cooling method
Head: Naturally air cooling, Controller: Forced air cooling
Power supply
90 to 132 V AC, or 180 to 264 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz(Auto-switching)
Power consumption
400 VA or less (200 V AC)
Ambient temperature
0 to +50 ? 
(No dew condensation or icing allowed)
Ambient temperature for storage
-10 to +60 ? 
(No dew condensation or icing allowed)
Ambient humidity
35 % to 85 % RH (Controller, Head)
(No dew condensation or icing allowed)
Protective structure
6 kg
2 kg
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