High-speed marking at 700 cps

Three times the productivity means you save time and equipment.
Acceleration, deceleration and response speeds of the LP-400 series exceed those of previous models by at least 200 %. It is possible to mark on products that are moving rapidly.

The LP-400 series that can mark 700 characters per second reduces tact time, leading to more than three times the productivity of previous models.
* Excluding 10 W type

Clear marking and high-quality processing

Stability of laser output
With a laser output stability of within ± 3 % (typ.)*, 10.6 μm 0.417 mil wavelength models work well in applications ranging from marking thin films and other tricky substrates to processing tasks such as removing insulation from cables.
* Excluding 10 W type

Short-wavelength laser

Well-matched to the heat absorption characteristics of plastics, the 9.3 μm* 0.366 mil wavelength laser allows marking on plastic surfaces by melting the surface layer without creating excessively deep marking and limiting damage to the substrate. This capability rectifies issues with previous models where deep marking would create pinholes or otherwise make marking output difficult to read.

High-quality processing
Short-wavelength laser radiation is readily absorbed by plastics, allowing the creation of sharp edges and increasing dimensional accuracy.

Space-saving design (tower head models)

At 175 x 230 mm 6.9 x 9.1 in, the tower head is smaller than a B5 sheet of paper. Tower head models require less space for installation and can be integrated into existing production line space.

The LP-400 series come standard with application software for easily configuring print data. Marking layout can be easily performed as desired with intuitive and simple mouse operations. Moreover, batch control of multiple laser markers is possible using one computer. This significantly contributes to increased work efficiency.

Few Application of CO2 Laser Marking Done by Motionworks Robotics:


1. Electronics IC's Chip Marking & Coding.

2. Stickers & Label Marking with Co2 Laser 


3. PET Bottle Batch Code Laser Marking with Co2 Laser.


4. Resin Sheets Co2 Laser Marking.


5. Connectors Co2 Laser Marking 


6. PCB Batch code CO2 Laser Marking.


7. Plastic Molded Parts CO2 Laser Marking


8. Carton Box CO2 Laser Marking

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